About Us

The Beginnings

Parker Road Entertainment was founded by Raymond “A.P.” Appleberry, Jr  & Christopher “Tenna-C” Saine. The Parker Road Logo, website and other accomplishments are contributed to the hard work and determination of Appleberry, Saine, and the staff of Parker Road Entertainment.

A.P first came on the scene in 2006. However music has always been a big part of his life. A.P. played baseball, basketball, football, and ran track in high school. A.P would earn a scholarship for basketball to Holmes Community College in Goodman,
MS. This is where A.P started to expressing himself lyrically; during basketball trips and barbecues.

Appleberry was the center of attention. Many people expressed to him that he had a gift, yet A.P had other talents that took precedent over rapping.A.P then pursued his basketball college career at Jackson State University in Jackson MS. This is where Appleberry met up with long time friend and cousin Chris “Tenna-C” Saine. They would get together on Friday nights and freestyle for hours. Finally on a car trip to Memphis, TN in 2005. Chris “Tenna-C” Saine (Co-Founder of Parker Road Entertainment & Co. LLC.) said “Hey main we need to gone do this music”.

Tenna-C and A.P went through many names for the company but finally decided on Parker Road Entertainment.  Parker Road is the name of the Street in Memphis,TN (West Junction or Walker Holmes) A.P and Tenna-C grew up on. February 8, 2007 Parker Road became official a date Appleberry will always remember.

On April 25, 2011 Parker Road Entertainment became Parker Road Entertainment Co. LLC.  Since 2008 Parker Road Artists have released 26 music projects including 13 Singles, 8 Mix-tapes, 5 Albums,  11 Publications, 11 Awards & Nominations and gained a following of over 10,000 fans. Parker Road Entertainment and it’s artists are committed to bringing real music to real people.

The Parker Road Entertainmnet Motto: Why Not Us! Why Not Now!