A.P. Appleberry: Does 1 Million in 2 Weeks.

Supa Stupid Goes Stupid 

After the success of his Award Winning Single, My Solo Cup, Appleberry releases a creative masterpeice that will inveigle the listener to go stupid. Supa Stupid that is! The single is the first, off Appleberry’s upcoming project “Apple 6ix”. Supa Stupid recently hit 1 million plays on SoundCloud and is now available on I-Tunes, and all others distribution outlets..

 A few words from Appleberry….  I would like to thank everyone that continues to play this song. I really appreciate the love and support. No matter what you do in life go all out. You only live once so live with no regrets. So wherever and whenever you go make sure you go Supa Stupid. ~ A.P. Appleberry


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